New book, Emergency Exit, ready to go!



Message from Gerald:

“Hi, guys!! I’m happy to say I’ve just finished my fifth book, Emergency Exit. Don’t be scared, but this one is set in NYC, and, as much as I know you love Ursula Barnett and Fionnuala Flood (and Dymphna and Siofra and everyone else), they aren’t in it. It does, however, feature Ursula and Jed’s daughter, Gretchen Barnett. She works for a horrid budget airline, Nickle and Dime Air, and has just broken up with her boyfriend-from-Hell (and a wannabe poet to boot). But it’s not the last she’ll see of him…!

The book is ready to go, but it will be held up for a while as I try to put other things in motion. Don’t worry, I’m working now on the next in the series, Static Cling. I’m trying to get that out by the end of the year.

I’m not only proud of the writing and plot of Emergency Exit (I wonder if it’s the best thing I’ve done…?), I’m also amazed that it only took me two months to write it! And for this, I have to thank a few people. I couldn’t have done it without my dear friend Larry Martinetion getting me to Brazil, and for the fantastic Cassio Brasil for putting me up in his amazing place in Sao Paulo. There, I had all the free time I needed to just sit at the computer and write (with the lush view you see in the pic above; a far cry from the brick wall that’s my view in Brooklyn, ha!). Also, I must thank my friend Andre Ferriera, who was so kind to invite me to visit him and his wonderful family in Macapa on the Amazon. The few days I spent there were the break I needed to focus on getting the book done! After a cruise down the Amazon, I was back in Sao Paulo, and just couldn’t stop writing! Truly, the first half of 2015 was magical for me! The most amazing time ever! (Please don’t hate me too much…?!)

I hope you all like the new book when it’s finally released. We’ll update here on the site when it’s about to come out, but now I’m focusing on Static Cling.

Thank you all for your continued support. You all rock!!!





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