Gerald Hansen partners with Stage Of Life

Gerald Hansen was honored to be asked to be November’s partnered author for Stage of Life, the world largest multi-generational writing community. They believe in “Changing the World…One Story At A Time,” which is something Gerald wholeheartedly believes in! November’s writing contest is a theme close to his heart, and, of course, the plot for his first book, the bestselling An Embarrassment of Riches: What Would You Do If You Won $1,000,000? Good luck to all the contestants, and the winners will receive (among other exciting prizes) autographed copies of Gerald’s first book, An Embarrassment of Riches. And Gerald will personally send the winners a congratulatory email as well! What fun! Learn more (and maybe enter the contest?) at their site: Stage Of Life

An Embarassment of Riches Cover

Free autographed copies for the winners of Stage of Life!

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